You already know that we’re big on sharing here at Karma. Any time you share your WiFi connection with a friend (or a stranger, we’re not picky), you’ll both earn 100MB of free data.

While we want you to share as much as possible, we also want you to maintain a fast and efficient connection. That’s why we limit the number of devices that can connect to one Karma at a time to eight. This can mean hooking up eight of your own wireless devices Karma Go, or it can mean that seven other people are using their laptops to connect to your Karma, maybe at a coffee shop or at a convention center with spotty WiFi. As long as the total number of devices using the WiFi signal is eight or less, you’re good to go.

Now to answer a few common questions we get about this topic.

Will sharing slow me down?

Your WiFi signal won't slow down if you have a multiple devices connecting at once, unless you’re using the connection to download or stream large files, like HD movies.

Can I kick people off my connection?

There’s no way to kick individuals off your Karma signal. We designed Karma Go with the ability to accommodate multiple users without affecting performance, so there’s no need to police your connection. That’s the best part: you get to just sit back, surf, and watch the data credits roll in. How luxurious.

What happens when a 9th device tries to join my Karma?

If you’re already maxed out on devices, Karma automatically rejects the connection from an additional device. Like we said, we want your speeds to stay zippy.

Can I use Karma as WiFi for my event?

Even though Karma is shareable, it’s meant to be a personal device. If you want to use it to check people in or sell tickets outside an event, it should work seamlessly, but we don’t recommend using Karma as the primary connection for guests at your event, since its use is limited by range and number of devices connected to it. Karma’s shareability is great for powering a POS for your food truck, hosting a study group, or using as a backup option for your small office.

As always, if you have any other questions about connecting devices or sharing your Karma, you can reach out to our support team. Erin and Keith are standing by to help.

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