By Dave Ford April 21, 2014

How Do You Work?

One size doesn't fit all

It's a simple question, but everyone's answer will be different. Being productive is defined as, "doing or achieving a lot: working hard and getting good results." Though it is a broad definition, it is something we all strive for in our own particular field.

We build our own set of rituals, routines, and tools. We choose them based on our own knowledge and suggestions from others. A lot of the time, we choose a particular routine based on what feels right for us, our gut instincts. While advice on how to be a better worker constantly appears before us, the mold never fits us all.

We're a curious bunch. Always looking for inspiration somewhere. So we thought, instead of giving you suggestions on how to be more productive, why don't you tell us how you work?

We want to know about things such as your:

  • weird routines
  • morning rituals
  • favorite setups
  • best apps

Tell us what sparks your creativity and what gets you in the zone. If it is unique enough, we'll highlight your story for everyone to see. And, you may even get a free Karma Hotspot as well!

Post your story here or on our Facebook Page. We can't wait to hear about how you work.

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