There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing you share the places you’re getting online with Go. In the last few weeks, Go has served as a night light, drinking buddy, vacation lifesaver to beat hotel fees and stream Netflix for the kids, and a WiFi solution at campsites, hospitals, trains, cars and airports. If you need more ideas of where to use Go, check out this list. And if you haven’t joined our #ShowYourGo contest, let's see what you got.

Paying it forward pays off... #ShowYourGo

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What’s New

As of yesterday, we completed the first 10,000 shipments which is 50 percent of pre-orders, and are on schedule to finish all November orders today. Of those 10,000 devices, only 28 were Defective On Arrival (DOA) – meaning they didn’t work when received by our fulfillment center. A 0.28 percent failure rate is low and means the device and build quality of Go beats our expectation. And because we test and activate every device at our fulfillment center, we caught these DOA devices before sending them your way so nobody had to open a non-working Go. Phew.

In other news, go and update your home screen with our new app. This week, our mobile team pushed out new builds for Android and iOS and we are damn proud. They are completely redesigned, offer landscape mode and full support for iPad. And if you’re like us and want to keep tabs of your Go, whether connected to it or not, you can see your Karma Go network and battery status at all times.

What’s Next

The next shipment of Go’s have arrived at our fulfillment center and are being processed as we speak. Within the next week, we will complete all December and January orders. We can’t wait to close 2014 and ring in the new year. It’s going to be a good one.

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