In yesterday's post, we told you that one of the only complaints we heard about our original device was coverage. There’s good news: Karma Go has it. Lots of it.

In testing Karma Go out of our office, we’ve all been pleasantly surprised by how much faster it is than Classic, which already worked well in New York City. We’ve also taken it on the Amtrak to Washington DC, driven with it out to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and carted it all over San Francisco, and it’s been so great to travel between locations without worrying about losing a signal. Erin, our Head of Customer Experience, is particularly happy: she finally has coverage on her daily commute from New Jersey to NYC.

To give you a better idea of how much our coverage has changed, let’s jump into coverage maps. The green areas on the map represent spots that have coverage; the darker the shade of green, the better the coverage.

First up, our hometown. We were able to use Karma Classic in most areas of NYC with a few patches. Now, coverage with Karma Go is one epic stretch of green.

That’s great for New York, but smaller cities are covered, too. Before, New Orleans had no WiMAX signal at all. With Go, you’ll get coverage from the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain and beyond. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Ok, but how about vacations? Say, a relaxing trip to the shores of Lake Michigan? You’re good now, too.

Karma doesn’t cover every single place in the US, yet, but the good news is that new cities and towns are being added each month. If you want to double check on any coverage area, like your home or vacation destination, visit this page and enter your zip code or town name.

Secret tip: try typing “h0h0h0” into the zip code field and see what happens.

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