We recently told you about our journey from our humble beginnings to shipping Karma Go. We launched the original version, Karma Classic, in 2012. We have lots of early Karma adopters who have upgraded to Go—thank you for the continued support—but also a lot folks who ordered Go that will be using Karma for the first time. We thought it would be a good idea to fill you in on what’s changed about Karma in this newer version.

Karma Classic

This is Karma Classic, released in 2012. For this device, we used an already-existing form factor, which is why it looks so similar to other mobile WiFi devices you might have seen. We had some control over the software and settings of the device, but it was mostly built by an external engineering team.

This gadget runs on the Sprint WiMAX 4G network, formerly known as Clear. It performs well in urban areas with good coverage, and works in about 80 US cities. Download speeds average around 3-6Mbps. Just like Karma Go, it broadcasts an open network and offers a 100MB reward any time someone else hops on to your connection.

Karma Go

While Go looks similar to Classic and is still very much pocket-sized, it’s actually a tiny bit bigger (to accommodate an LTE antenna). We’ve re-designed the form factor a bit, so that the indicator lights are much more clear, and Karma Go has a sleep mode so you can save on battery. If you’ve owned a Karma Classic, you’ll notice that the Go doesn’t have that annoying flap covering the micro-USB port anymore.

Go runs on tri-band LTE with fallback to 3G, so you’ll get coverage even in areas where LTE is scarce. See our post on coverage to get an idea of how much our service has expanded. Speeds on Go will average around 6-8Mbps and peak at around 25Mbps. Faster speeds and better coverage are the biggest differences between Classic and Go.

Do I need to upgrade from Classic to Go?

Sprint is sunsetting its WiMAX network November 2015, meaning Karma Classic will no longer be able to get online. We’re currently researching options for a recycling program, but we do recommend upgrading before November if you’d still like to use Karma.

Our service works the same on both devices: buy what you need, without a contract, and keep that data until you use it up. No expiration dates, and no overage fees.

If you have any other questions about the differences between Classic and Go, you can always get in touch at help@yourkarma.com. We’re happy to help.

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