It’s easy to imagine using Karma in a setting like a coffee shop. Cup ‘o joe steaming, laptop out, fingers tapping away at the keys. It’s a nice and cozy image, for sure. But we invite you to step outside the coffee shop box for a moment. There's a whole slew of use cases out there for Karma that you might not have even thought of yet. We're here to help get your imagination fired up.

Get a WiFi powered car

GM heavily advertises their line of WiFi enabled cars. Cool story, bros. You can spend $30k on a new car, or you can WiFi-enable your 1994 Honda Civic for $149 (and no judgment whatsoever) with a Karma Go. Just imagine it: uploading photos to Facebook from your road trip while you’re still on the road.

Connect all the Smart Things

The internet of things is ever-expanding, from smart air conditioners to watches to light bulbs and beyond. Karma can keep your smart home synced. If you need to connect to a device that doesn’t have a browser interface (for example, gaming consoles, security cameras, or Apple TVs), just get in touch with our support team. We can help you get set up behind the scenes.

Note: As of November 2015, we are no longer able to add devices without a browser to your Karma account. Get in touch with our support team if you have questions about which devices will work with Karma Go and which ones won't.

Powered by Square—and Karma

If you run your own small business, you’re probably familiar with Square’s mobile payment system. But if you take your business on the road, you need a way to stay connected. Karma pairs great with Square or any other mobile payment system, especially if you’re selling t-shirts at a conference or need a hookup for your food truck, and you can perform thousands of Square transactions using a single GB of Karma data.

Air BnB/Vacation Rental

Give your guests the hookupGive your guests the hookup

Rent out your place for most of the year and don’t want to sign an expensive contract for internet? Have your guests manage their own data usage and provide them with a Karma Go (or two). They’ll make their own user account and pay for their own data, effectively eliminating the annoying “What’s the WiFi password?” question for both parties.

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