By Steven van Wel July 30, 2015

Another week of Go

More happy customers

I love shipping Karma Go. So far we've shipped a bit over 4,000 devices, roughly 20 percent of all pre-orders. We're done with that early spike of September pre-orders and starting to work through orders from October and onward now.

And, just as exciting, people keep reporting positive experiences with Karma Go:

We also launched our photo contest, so you can share what you’re up to with your new Go on social media—just use the hashtag #ShowYourGo. We’ve already seen some of your images pop up on Twitter and Instagram, so keep up the good work.

There are even a few unboxing videos out there. I really enjoyed this one by Sergio Molina on his "It Came From A Box" YouTube channel:

Sergio even took Go on a family trip to Disneyland, scored some free data from people connecting to it at the park, and streamed Netflix during the drive.

What's new?

Here at Karma we're staying busy trying to ship out Go as fast as possible. We're not quite at the 1,000-per-day rate we're aiming for, because of the manual activation work we're doing for each device right now. So we're figuring out a way to speed that up.

Checking out the manufacturing processChecking out the manufacturing process

I'm in China right now with Sjoerd Smit, our VP of Product, to check on the next wave of shipments. It should go even more smoothly than this current round, and we still expect to fulfill all pre-orders within the original 3-4 week period that we communicated.

Oh, btw, do you like charts? One of our engineers put together this graph showing the steady increase of concurrent active Karma Go devices over time:

That's a trend I like to see.

Talk to you next week!

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