Minbox is a beautifully designed app for Mac that’s quickly becoming the new way to share files. It’s secure, it’s insanely fast, and (possibly best of all) it’s free. We chatted with Minbox founder Alexander Mimran to learn more about where he gets his inspiration, how he works, and what makes Minbox unique—you’ll definitely want to check out their not-so-average product videos to see what sets Minbox apart from the competition.

Minbox is known for its outside-of-the-box product videos. Instead of inoffensive ukuleles or glockenspiels in the background while an anonymous hand scrolls through your interface, you’ve got blaring hip-hop and bass-heavy electronic music, plus some really distinctive visuals. Where did you get your inspiration, and why the choice to veer so far from the typical product video?

Our product videos have become our trademark, which wasn't intentional. Since most product videos are bland, it made it fairly easy for us to stand out. Using an app is a rich interactive experience, one imbued with emotion and uniqueness (or at least it should be). Our videos are meant to heighten that experience by giving our audience a glimpse of how we see the world. We've always felt a little bit different than the stalwarts in our space and we like to weave that thread through everything we do.

What else is Minbox doing differently from file-sharing giants like Dropbox?

After sharing millions of files in the last year or so, we've learned a lot. Our users need more than just simple file and folder sharing. A big shift is taking place in our space, one driven by the exploding number of rich cloud-based apps. The future of work is just starting to take shape and it's extremely exciting.

What’s your favorite part of your workday? Least favorite?

Talking to customers and designing new features is by far the best. Going to bed at night is the worst (startups make it hard to sleep!).

Minbox is a pretty visually stunning app. From what other apps, websites, or products does that design draw inspiration?

Lots! Cards are an interesting trend. The work Google is doing with Material Design is impressive as well. We try to design from first principles but we leverage existing patterns as much as possible.

What’s the one product you can’t live without (excluding Minbox, duh)?

My Karma (duh)! Also my monthly subscription of grain free Nola bars.

Alexander MimranAlexander Mimran

What has been the most unexpected part of starting this company?

Nothing, really. I expected chaos!

What do you listen to when you work? Podcasts? Music? Silence?


What websites, blogs, or social media feeds do you find inspiring?

Ben Evan's blog is great. Also a big fan of Quibb, Product Hunt, and the Launch Ticker.

What has been the most useful personal skill or quality you've employed in building your startup?

Agility. One of the biggest advantages a startup can have over larger incumbents is being able to shift directions quickly.

Fill in the blank.

I’ll be happy when Minbox is used widely as a verb.

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